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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i took it all down because of a kneejerk reaction.  i did it because it was a shortcut to knowing me that i didn't want someone to take.  but now i find i don't really mind if she read it, just that i don't understand her response.  she is not easy to fathom, but i think i must be. 

i find myself assuming she took a thread from it and picked me immediately, derived my personality instantly, saw through it, found me a fraud.  but maybe she didn't.  i can't ask, and i won't know what she found.  most likely, a momentary diversion.  nothing of note.

but, reading back, i like it.  i am proud of some of this.  i want it here.

10:43 pm

February 11, 2010   11:25 PM PST
be proud

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