Entry: . Tuesday, April 28, 2009

so, i have a fairly good idea who reads this - not many people at all, certainly not these days.  the problem is, people i know find it, and there's no way to tell whether they are crying with laughter...and that feels pretty weird.

this all seems so long ago and far away anyway - over two years since i wrote in it seriously.  thank you to everybody who has been so nice to me, stay in touch - it just seems like a good idea to clean all of this up.  i plan to sit down at the weekend and save the entries somewhere that's not on the interwebs....

putting this sort of thing in the public domain means people read it, and that's fine - this is something i've been meaning to do for a while (as melodramatic as it sounds).  there are other ways of getting to know somebody, and other ways of sorting out my head.

so now that i've finished being conceited, i'll be seeing you all around ;)


June 6, 2009   05:12 PM PDT
deleted! Sorry if that took a while - I don't check this very often (for obvious reasons). email address noted - you can always drop me a contact form; I am also on twitter (shudder) as annaspann. i will try very hard to remember to find some time to drop you a line (i know that doesn't sound very firm, but i am extraordinarily bad at these things and can't promise anything for fear of letting folk down..!)
Hope all is well in the land of elemental evil.
June 4, 2009   07:25 PM PDT
Urg, Chemistry, not Physics. That was a rough day in the sleep department.
May 14, 2009   09:43 PM PDT
Hm, I come back after a 2 year writing hiatus to find... nothing. And just after you did it! Aww...

Was looking forward to getting to know you again, Shoulder.
Peter A
May 10, 2009   07:16 PM PDT
I still pop in occasionally... mostly I'm too busy enjoying what appears to be life... i hope the same is true for you...


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