anna. » i should really update my age, there. twenty-five now. that's telling.
anna. » nobody reading was fine - the problem was one or two particular people reading.
radical_dawg » not many people read mine either
mz » hi
IkeTurnerHitsHard » i'd lie if I said your words weren't missed by me. everyone hopes things are all smiles for you. please include me in that list of everyone.
anna. » ..but am still mostly ok with it.
anna. » i think i might agree.
Me » I think I've done enough spying for now
anna. » and there's more out there if you want to see it.
anna. » i bet i know who you are, me
Me » You are easy to find anna. Easy, and at the same time difficult.
Saladin » Once I saw someone use the pickup line "hi sweat thing" on the Internet. I assume he meant "sweet thing", but I was a lot happier with the way he wrote it.
adri » visiting
shanky » hi sweaties
ucha » nice blog
Ang » *Waves* Hope you are well.
echo » And there was I thinking you were not...
Peter » Feliz Natal! Bom Ano Novo! (2 can play at that game) x x x
winston » Feliz Navidad!
ptr » I guess a hug or a firm handshake or festive something-or-other is called for. Which would you like? I find myself missing your semi-colons tonight. There must be an ah! in the month or summat. x
justine » where is anna...??? I miss your scrapping....
me » where is anna...??? I miss your scrapping....
Peter » uh, Napoleon's Piano refers. Or in less Goonish lingo, congrats or something very similar and bestest lovely happy wishes and so forth x x x
brynn » i remember this place. i remember how safe i felt whenever i read your words. (firepixie reincarnated) it feels good to be here again.
Peter » Am hoping with a big bunch of flowers clutched in hand that you are as fine, and as lovely and as healthy and as stupidly fucking happy as it's possible for an Anna to be. x x
jude » beautiful, as always...
echo » hey you...
Merrydeath » sweetheart, somehow, it has been so long. catching up, and realizing how much i missed your words. lovelove.
Peter » *particle*
echo » hey... I've opened up here... hope to see you soon. much love, echo.
echo » thanks Anna, much love to you...
7oneders » Blog hopping!!! Nice one here!
Cybertv » Visit My Blog
Sinja » If you tell me your favorite kind of tea, I'll never forget
Peter » I hope it all went well if it was supposed to whatever it was or is and that things are happified for you. Covering all bases there. *hugs* x x
Peter » Ack, my dear, ack!
Xeideus » <-- You've been tagged.
spark » i've been away for far too long, but i do/have missed this place of yours.
diz » just noticed your profile and your nose and i'm all skittish and grinny and sad and suddenly there's so many worlds of words to explore and etc etc x
IkeTurnerEatsStars » for one second don't think i stopped writing! my existence just gets in the way of my wants most of the time, but never will i ever stop
Bellatrix » i wasn't aware that this blog had come back from the dead. ill definitely be back more often. and thanks for the comment, yes things are much better since then.
okay, Diz then » where would we be without the [---] ? Have no idea if i'm here to stay but i'm here in a clickable way with a migraine full of ideas. I was called scruffy recently which I took as an accolade. ;;;;;
Anna. » DIZ...miss you. (*;[---]*;*;*;*)
Cue_Ball » Just hopping through to say hi.
peter » Extra-large hugs for your heart and soul and a bunch of kisses for your mind (the envy of all other nations). A special diz delivery of punctuation for you: .,.,;:,:? ;.;; .,;.; ,;..; ,;.;.;, .;,;.;.
IkeTurnerEatsStars » read me. i've got a story that's hug-worthy. well kind of
FoolishSkeptic » *waves* long time sweetie. hope you're well.
Pareesha » left you some comments
Knucklehead » Cool place. Very
echo » thanks for stopping by anna, always happy to see you. hope 2007 is all you hope it to be.
Rinckle » "Merry X'mass n hppy nw yr ! to u n to ur frnds with more god'S blsng from "RINCKLE"
Merrydeath » stopping by with a little bag bursting at the seams with peace and love and wishing you all the best. lovelove.
Brigham » Cool place. Have a wonderful holidays.
Authenticia » Allo
chita » hello
IkeTurnerEatsStars » have a holiday beverage and think not of me but rather a character of mine. kiss.
Xaos » you're awesome.
IkeTurnerEatsStars » I don't promote myself, EVER, but I feel that it's gonna be good
IkeTurnerEatsStars » Wake the hell up and break something with a sentence of yours. I posted something you better read.
Merrydeath » it's been so long - and everytime i wander my way back to here, i wonder why i ever let myself leave. so many beautiful words. and so much love. oceans full of it.
Anjelle » I'm flattered. And by one with a mind such as yours, that means quite a lot. Thank you.
Anna. » i don't seem to be able to at the moment. between not wanting to tempt fate and not getting inspiration.
IkeTurnerEatsStars » you telling me to write more? you should step it up, too, dr. lazyface. i love how your words flow
Xeideus » You should write more. Makes me feel fuzzy.
echobelly » Hey Anna, glad to see you're still about and putting it all together.
IkeTurnerEatsStars » i'm so pleased you read my stuff. let's pretend i'm giving you a hug
Merrydeath » beauty, wrapped up and packaged like something sweet and melting in my mouth. except an excess of your words won't leave me scrutinizing the mirror-sized version of me. and so i love them all the more
Xaos » i don't ever want to lose touch with your writing.
IkeTurnerEatsStars » your compliments are almost kissable. thank you kindly.
IkeTurnerEatsStars » I had an odd dream. I posted it. You should read it.
IkeTurnerEatsStars » It's morning time and before I go sanitize the contents of my mouth, a.k.a. brush teeth, I was thinking I could say hello. Well, um, "Hello!" Ahhh, that worked out just the way I planned.
Anna. » <-- for a fuller picture, i've put all the saved drafts in one place.
Merrydeath » *sighs* life is too complicated to write. and i have missed this getting lost in your words. there is so little to say, except you are beautiful. much love.
Giggles » Finally!! i'm able to see your blog today!! Thanks for stopping by!
jude » *poke*
IkeTurnerEatsStars » Your dorkiness has crept through the states, causing me to wave right back. Only if you were just a tad closer then we could sip this sake...
Deirdre » This layout reminds me of Alanis Morissette. It's stylish. I like it.
IkeTurnerEatsStars » i got a postcard and i know who it's from!thankyouthankyouthankyou!
Xaos » hey sweetie!
Merrydeath » i miss your words and a time when things made sense. i hope you are well, wherever you are. pace.
jude » Love the new foto, Anna!
Merrydeath » oh thank you; you're so sweet. *sleepy smiles* good night.
Merrydeath » i'm back now. so now i'm spreading love and hugs and shiny things. is it okay if i've got you linked? pace
IkeTurnerSlayedJesus » your anecdotes were a delightful remedy. it's not gonna make me stop drinking or anything, but it's good to know someone relates. really appreciate it.
spacenoodle » very groovy
jude » Excellent! I'm weeping with joy! Just added you to my links...your writing is some of the best I've ever read, Anna.
jude » Are you back? Tell me you're back. Please...
IkeTurnerFoundJesus » being a loser has its benefits. i saw it on a talk show
xaos » hello beautiful writer...
IcingOnTheCrack » i have been entertained. oh so entertained that i have decided to hop back on my ol' page and write again. yay for inspiration
jerry » say you as featured profile, nice blog, perhaps i'll find my way back here in the furture
Deirdre » Cute profile picture. (:
Spacenoodle » nice blog
winston » me again.
Anna » it's mostly old stuff...glad to see you're still around.
sahdistyc » Wow, I've missed so much
Dr. God » We seem to be on the same page.
Asia » hi there. I know what you mean, ever been followed indiscretely by a loud rattling white ute for over an hour?
Anna » well, *some*body had a bad day.
spark » oh, it is always good to read you, beautiful.